Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

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ATV Tour

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Kualoa’s open-air Multi-passenger ATV Raptor vehicles are a great way to see Kualoa up close and personal! You will drive your own ATV Raptor for the tour, and guests from different parties are not mixed on the same vehicle. Drivers may swap out mid-tour, and each Raptor can hold between 2 to 6 people (depending on how many kids there are in your party). You will have your own Raptor to drive on trails deep into the scenic valleys and to remote areas rarely visited by others.

Our tours go out rain or shine – rambling through the mud and crossing seasonal streams are part of the fun! The one hour tour will take you over a saddle trail to visit movie sites located on our beautiful 1,000-acre Ka'a'awa “Jurassic” Valley. These family-friendly Raptor Vehicles allow you to talk to each other and take pictures during the tour which is not able to be done on single ATV tours.

Minimum age is 5 years. Minimum driver age is 21.

Note: There are 6 (six) seat belts per vehicle and you can have anywhere from 2-6 guests per vehicle depending on ages and guest size. Check out all of the rave reviews on Trip Advisor or Yelp to see why this is Kualoa's newest and most popular tour. The huge advantage of a ATV Raptor over being on a single ATV is that you can take photos and talk with your loved ones while on tour and enjoy the experience together!


Tour ATV 1 Hour Transportation Book
ATV Tour $87.95 $15.00 Book

Experience Tours: Jungle Expedition

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Jump on board for an adventurous and rugged Jungle Jeep tour deep into our beautiful Hakipu`u Jurassic rainforest. This lush and tropical valley is where many of the Jurassic World, Kong Skull Island and Jumanji scenes were filmed. Guests board one of our custom built, 16 passenger jungle vehicles for a 90 minute tour that rumbles through our Hawaiian rainforest along jungle trails, across isolated stream beds and powers up steep, bumpy hills. On this tour you will also see a few famous movie site locations and sets (from Jurassic World) and a few other surprises!

On the tour, guests experience secluded spots that overlook Oahu’s eastern coastline and see Moli’i Pond, our 800 year old ancient Hawaiian fishpond, which is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. You will also get a glimpse of some of the areas used to shoot the new Ben Affleck movie!

Tour Adult Child Transportation Book
Experience Tours: Jungle Expedition $48.95 $36.95 $15.00 Book

Experience Tours: Movie Site Tour

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Experience our familiar Ka’a’awa Valley, known as Hollywood’s “Hawaii Backlot,” to see where over 50 of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies and TV shows were filmed, including even some of the 1960’s Elvis classics.

Hop aboard a vintage school bus and take a photo of yourself at the infamous Jurassic Park fallen tree, find Godzilla’s footprints, see the Windtalkers battlegrounds and visit several other locations including the famous “penguin” road site from 50 First Dates,the road site from You Me & Dupree, the house structure from Mighty Joe Young, and numerous Hawaii Five-0 and LOST areas, like Hurley’s golf course! You might even see a filming in progress! You will also stop at an amazing WWII army bunker, built entirely into the side of the mountain range. There you’ll find movie posters, props and memorabilia from lots of the movies filmed at Kualoa through the years, as well as marvel at the Kualoa WWII artifacts and exhibits.

Tour Adult Child (10-12 years) Transportation Book
Experience Tours: Movie Site Tour $48.95 $36.95 $15.00 Book

Horseback Tour

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Kualoa’s one and two-hour horseback tours offer guests the opportunity to experience the spectacular scenery of Oahu’s hidden valleys.

Horseback riding is just one of the unforgettable activities you can enjoy at beautiful Kualoa Ranch. Kualoa's horseback rides combine that special bond with horses with the most spectacular scenery on Oahu. On horseback, riders take different trails beneath the cliffs and overlooking the ocean.

One Hour Ride - See the southern half of the ranch. Vistas of the famed "Chinaman's Hat" Mokoli'i island and an ancient 800 year-old Hawaiian fishpond accompany the great feeling of spending time riding horses

Two Hour Ride - Adventure to the northern part of the ranch deep into Ka'a'awa Valley. Rides take you through forested areas, past World War II bunkers, into Ka'a'awa Valley, all with fantastic views of the Kualoa Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Tour Adult 1 hour Adult 2 hours Transportation Book
Horseback Tour $89.95 $137.95 $ 15.00 Book

Jurassic Valley Zipline Tour

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Our amazing Treetop Canopy Zipline Tour begins at the top of the amazing Ka’a’awa Valley with 7 exciting tandem sections, 2 suspension bridges (don’t worry, you’re clipped in across the bridges!) and 3 mini-hiking nature trails about 5 minutes in length. If your surroundings look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen Ka’a’awa Valley in one of many movies… like Jurassic World… that have been filmed here over the years.

Each zip line is named after a culturally significant aspect of the valley with zip lengths ranging from 200 feet up to a quarter of a mile in length! Guests will learn about Hawaiian traditions and experience Ka’a’awa Valley first-hand zipping through native flora and fauna and crossing natural streams. Each zipline provides a new cultural experience and learning opportunity for our guests

No Experience Required!

Its easy and fun … even for first time “zip liners”. No need for gloves to stop you … we use an automatic braking system so you don’t have to do a thing … we’ll stop you automatically at the end of each line. Come and experience the amazing beauty of Kualoa on our Zipline Adventure!

Tour Adult Transportation Book
Jurassic Valley Zipline Tour $169.95 $ 15.00 Book

Prices include taxes, but do not include gratuity.